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We are a team of professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds working to redesign corporate hiring on its head. With intelligent resource analysis, a wide network and a passion to get things perfect, we are the dream partner for all talent acquisition and management programmes.

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  • Agile
  • Responsive 
  • Extensive Security Check
  • Predictive Bootstrapping
  • Tactical Hiring 
  • 24/7  Support
  • Talent Analysis
  • Per Diem Costing                                    

Our Services

Smarter Hiring for the fast paced modern corporate

Talent Acquisition

Find the best fit for your company. Hire from the top of the barrel. Hire the one who exceeds your expectations and raises the bar.

Verification Services

Background check from past projects to referral check, we do it all. Keep your mind at peace knowing you have trustworthy employees. 

Talent Management 

Keep your talent happy and energetic by removing all paper intensive HR functions,  replacing with a more stream-lined paperless system.  

Security Clearance

Working on Government Projects? Time to use our security clearance operations to validate everyone and anything to stay upto US Govt codes.

Employee on Demand

Have an emergency need fror the best  person in the world to tackle a crisis? Call us to help you tackle the fire, with on demand experts to handle anything from a server down to a DDOS-DNS attack to data recovery. 

C-Suite Hiring 

Finding it tough to choose the best guy to handle everything for your company? Tap into our vast network of the best people in the biz to give you the cutting edge your company truly deserves.

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